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I would like to thank each and every one of my members for your support of my work at Proprietress Press. It has been an intensive year of development of The Dollhouse & Babydoll Nursery premises, and also getting to grips with so many new technologies for the website and film production process. Thankfully, the foundation is now firmly set.

I am delighted by the positive reaction to The Pansy Show, which is still very much in nappies at Series 2, but setting the scene for the sissification of Pascal and his pageant training to commence in Series 3.

There are also many other goings-on at The Dollhouse & Babydoll Nursery, however, and these updates will be interspersed between the series of The Pansy Show. This includes the new POV fantasy series entitled Babydoll Dreams, and the first episode is The Seductive Wife.

Yours strictly
Madam Press x

Babydoll Dreams: The Seductive Wife

Your lust has put you in this position. Weak. Helpless. Dependent. She controls you now. Cotfined. Nappied. Dummied.  She has reduced you to this pathetic state. Your wife. Your mummy. Your fantasy. ‘To love, honour and obey…’ The Seductive Wife. The infantilised husband.

Do pay close attention to Proprietress Press this new year...

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