Lesbians Man Ray

He had been lying in the wet nappy for hours. His cock and balls and bottom were sore with nappy rash. He was tied up in the cot and locked away in the nursery. There was no one in the house to help him. She had left him there all alone as she often did. He was cold and wet and hungry. He was a neglected and abused adult baby. It was dark and lonely in the nursery. All he could do was look up at the cot mobile of clowns above him. There was no music to soothe him. There was no Mummy to take care of him. His mummy was beautiful and sexy. She was also cruel and selfish. She was out again having a good time with his money. He could do nothing but wait for her to come home to change his nappy and feed him. He closed his eyes and imagined her sensual touch. Her soft hands caressing him. The massage of the cool nappy cream and baby oil into the burning nappy rash. The lovely scent of the sprinkling of talcum powder into a fresh nappy. The adult baby started to rub himself in his nappy. He opened his mouth to take her erect nipple. His little cock grew and oozed sticky creamy. He could almost feel the warmth of her full breasts in his face. He could almost taste the sweet milk.

He was jolted back to harsh reality at the sound of her car pulling up outside. She was home. His mummy had come home to her baby.

He automatically cried out to her, “Mummy!”

He heard her key in the door and the scraping of her high heels in the hall. He became ever more excited. He wriggled in his cot. He pulled at the cot restraints. He kicked his feet.”Mummy! Mummy!” he cried.Her laughter carried up the staircase and his heart beat faster and faster at the sound of her voice. “Is that my poor little baby? Does baby need his mummy?” she teased.

“Baby wet! Baby hungry!” he answered.

The door of the nursery opened and she turned on the light. The brightness hurt the baby’s eyes. He could just about see Mummy standing there in her high heel sandals. Her long golden hair framing her beautiful face. She was wearing a very short and tight dress. The suspenders at her stocking tops were showing. Her large breasts were pushed up and out of the dress.

“What is it, baby? Have you wet yourself, baby? Do you need a nappy change, baby?”

The baby tried to put his arms out for his mummy. The straps restrained him and held him down on his back in the cot. All he could do was smile and wave at his beautiful mummy.

His mummy did not go to comfort her baby. She stood with her hands on her hips and made fun at him.
“The poor, little, pathetic, wet baby! All he can do is cry and wait for his mummy!”

He listened to her mocking. He looked at her sexy curves. He ached for her touch at his nappy.

“Mummy!” he cried helplessly.

She turned around and said, “Come in and look at him.”

The adult baby froze in the cot. His little cock and balls shrivelled inside of him.

A woman came behind his mummy. She was tall and slim with dark cropped hair. She was wearing a cut-off top with stretch jeans and platform boots. She put her arms around his mummy’s slender waist. She moved her hand up to his mummy’s breasts. She fondled his mummy’s sexy body.

“I thought you were kidding! You actually keep him as a baby!” she whispered and giggled into Mummy’s ear and then kissed her neck.

“Of course I keep him as a baby. It makes a man easier to handle. It puts him in his place. I make him like it too.”

The baby started to whimper.

The women laughed at him and continued their foreplay; stroking hair, kissing mouths, sucking flesh, fondling beasts, as they were watched by the adult baby trapped in his cot.

The baby started to wet.

The baby cried for his mummy and continued filling his nappy; wanting mummy, needing mummy, loving mummy, hating mummy as he was ignored by the women having sex in his nursery.

His mummy pulled herself away from the arms of her lesbian lover. She went to see to her baby. She removed her sex-soaked panties. She forced them into his mouth to gag his noise. She was a dominant woman in control. He was an adult baby in nappies. She was so cruel to him. She was so beautifully cruel to him.