Savile Row Suit

It had been a hectic day but the deal had been done and he was the one who had signed, sealed and delivered it to the board. He smiled to himself. Charles Ward was in control. Charles Ward was in power. Charles Ward was The One. This would earn him an even more ridiculous salary. He loosened his old school tie and removed the jacket of his finest Savile Row pinstripe suit. He looked and he felt on top of the world.

The traffic was crawling out of London to the Home Counties. He was an hour late already. She would not be pleased. He shifted uneasily in his seat. He put his foot down and the engine roared.

The electric gates allowed him into the grounds to continue along the gravel drive to the house. The door was open and the light illuminated her form in the darkness of the late evening. He was immediately terrified and immediately excited at her presence. The lady wore a twin-set and pearls with stiletto heels and her hair in a chignon. Her face was impassive and her arms were crossed beneath her bosom.

He turned off the engine and swallowed hard. He could feel the perspiration at his armpits and the stirring in his loins. He quickly got out of the car and slowly approached the steps. Charles Ward hung his head before her.

“Good evening, Governess,” he whispered.

“You are late, Master Ward,” she responded.

“I am sorry, Governess, but it has been a very busy day of important meetings and I did rush back as soon as I -” he was cut off mid explanation.

“Drop your trousers, you silly boy.”

He fumbled at the belt buckle and then hurriedly unzipped his trousers and let them drop to his ankles. He stood at the bottom of the steps with her towering above him. He stood only in his shirt and tie and a pair of pink satin directoire knickers.

“You will be punished for your lack of punctuality. You will go over my knee. You will be spanked until you cry,” she stated.

“Yes, Governess,” mumbled Master Ward.

“Come to me.”

The satin knickers caressed his erect cock as he climbed the steps to her. His governess pulled down his knickers to his thighs to reveal a pink satin beribboned cock. She took hold of the ribbon tails and pulled gently. The bow gradually disappeared but the knot stayed put. The lady pulled firmly on the pink satin ribbon leash and walked the naughty sissy to the spanking chaise.