“Say it!” she insisted.

He winced as if she had slapped his face. He hung his head and shook it in despair.

“What are you?” she demanded.

She came closer to stand in front of him and she repeated even more emphatically, “Say it!”

He looked down at the ridiculously pink satin dress he was wearing and he knew that she would not allow him to leave without saying that word.

He shifted his feet and kept his eyes to the floor. He tried to wet his lips but his mouth was dry.

“I’m waiting,” she said and crossed her arms under her ample bosom.

He opened his mouth and a weak, broken voice finally uttered the word she wanted to hear.

“I’m a sissy,” he whimpered.

“I didn’t hear you,” she lied. “Speak up.”

He cleared his throat and repeated, “I’m a sissy.”

“Look at me when you say it,” she responded.

He lifted his head to see her mocking but beautiful brown eyes bearing into him and her red lips pouting that cruel smile.

“I’m a sissy,” he said.

“I thought so,” she replied. “It’s that dress, you see, it’s all so very… pink.”

She thoughtfully fingered the satin and then dramatically fluffed out the frills at the hem.

Then suddenly she lifted the hem of his dress up to his chest to reveal a pair of matching pink satin frou-frou knickers.

He tried to get away from her but she held the dress firmly.

“No, please, don’t…” he begged.

“Don’t? Don’t what? Don’t show you up for what you are? A pink satin dress wearing sissy, you mean? Is that it?”

His eyes pricked with tears as she taunted him.

“If it were simply a matter of a man wearing a pink satin dress and matching frilly knickers then that would be one thing,” she smiled. “But a man wearing a pink satin dress and frilly knickers and having an erect cock leaking semen all over his pretty satin frillies then that is quite another thing all together. Isn’t it?”

The skirt of his dress was held aloft exposing his pink satin frilly knickers that were now soaked through at the gusset. His face burnt with shame but he could not deny that his cock was fit to burst in his knickers.

“Get down on your knees and hold up your frills,” she ordered. “I want to inspect your sissy panties.”

He knelt on the floor beneath her and tentatively raised the front of his dress above his knickers. She crouched down to his groin and looked at the mess he had made of himself.

She tutted and announced, “It seems that you really are a dirty little slut.”

She tucked the frilly hem of the dress into his wet sissy pants then wiped a finger against the wet satin and caught a red fingernail full of his pre-cum. She brought the moist digit up to his mouth.

“Open,” she instructed.

He opened his mouth and she pushed her wet finger into his hole.

“Suck it, she said. “Suck it like a rubber dummy.”

He did exactly as he was told and sucked on her finger. He could taste his own juice and at first he gagged on it but he kept on sucking.

“You naughty sissy,” she laughed. “Lick and suck the lollypops!”

She forced two more fingers into his eager mouth and the satin and frills of his dress rustled as his head bobbed and his tongue worked harder to please her.
“Sissy, sissy, sissy – ” she repeated over and over again as she watched him eagerly clean her finger with his tongue, lips and mouth.

The combination of that word, her laughter, the sucking, the rub of the satin against his throbbing cock, it was all too much for him and he let out a high pitched cry as his cock exploded and filled his frilly satin knickers with cum.

He could not stifle his moans and groans as his cock pumped out the last drops of cream into his soiled knickers. He crouched limply in front of her with his heart racing. His whole body was trembling with exhaustion and fear.

She withdrew her fingers from his mouth and wiped them in his face. She stood up to look down at the pathetic figure beneath her. She looked disdainfully at the mess he had made in his satin knickers.

At arms length she took his face in her hand and caught his face to look up to her. “Now, tell me what you are,” she demanded.

He could not avert his gaze from her piercing stare.

“Say it!” she insisted.

“I’m a sissy,” he panted.

She bent down to his blushing face and her red lips brushed against his cheek as she whispered in his ear, “I told you so… sissy.”

With a toss of her hair, she turned upon her high heels and left him there, in his pretty pink satin frilly dress with his matching pink frou-frou knickers covered in the sticky evidence of his sissy humiliation.