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“Our Mother which art in nature, Worshipped is thy sex, For thine is the femdom, The power and the glory, For ever and ever, Afem.”

The Natural Order of Mother Nature is the philosophical and spiritual foundation stone of Femshire.

The Chapel of The Natural Order of Mother Nature was constructed with the blood, sweat and tears of the male wards of Femshire, according to the specific and demanding instruction of the architects and designers, the Fems.

For a year and a day, the mals worked from dawn to dusk each and every day, clothed only in sackcloth in all weathers, using only their manual labour and hand tools, in order that the chapel be built well and truly, with respect to the laws of nature, with the love and sufferance of mankind, in honour of the Essential Fem that is Mother Nature.

The chapel is a splendid yet simple structure in the round, constructed of slate-tiled roof and lime-washed stone walls, exposed beams and oak floor boards. Carved in to the stone lintel above the arched oak entrance doors, is the tenet, ‘Love Honour Obey Worship’.

In the grounds encircling the chapel, there is a sacred grove of trees, including apple, birch, hazel, hawthorn, holly, rowan, walnut and yew. This is a natural extension of the chapel for rituals such as handfasting and birching.

In the round, the Fems in their white silken robes are seated on red velvet cushions with the mals on the floor at their feet, naked and kneeling before them, their arms outstretched, their hands clinched around the large church candles, providing flickering light to the proceedings.

At the heart of the chapel is the sweeping expanse of the marble altar ring, adorned with the jewels of the harvest of wild flowers and fruits and switches of birch twigs. Within the centre of this altar is the ceremonial cleansing and rebirthing pool. It shimmers with the reflections of the golden flame set on the marble font rising from its heart.

The Priestess stands within the altar circle, bearing aloft the silver burning bowl, wafting the sweet scent of orchard incense over the congregation about her. A red silk robe clings to the curves of her bust and bottom, a headdress of ivy rests in her hair and a garland of white apple blossom embraces her neck.

The Fems approach the altar and the Priestess moves from one to another, blessing each member of The Natural Order of Mother Nature with a kiss on the lips and a sip from the silver chalice of honey wine.

At each sip the Priestess recites, “In the name of The Mother, The Mistress, And The Goddess, Afem.”

At the point that all the Fems are sated and seated again, then it is the turn of the mals to take their communion.

The mals crawl forward and before the marble altar they kneel, heads bowed, eyes to the floor, silently, reverently awaiting the sublime blessing of communion.

The Priestess leaves the altar stage and the Naturess takes her place.

The Naturess disrobes and stands before the worshippers, her naked body bathed in candlelight. She extends her arms in a gesture of benevolent embrace, “In the name of Mother Nature, I nurture thee.”

The castrati choir leads the mals in the chorus: “We worship thee Mother Nature, We are cradled in thine arms, We are bound to thy feet, We are nourished at thy breast, We worship thee Mother Nature.”

The Naturess cups her full breasts, caresses their contours, and squeezes her swollen nipples. Milky droplets ooze forth and trickle down to her pubis. She directs, with a nod of her head, each mal to crawl to her to take his place beneath her for worshipful communion.

Bearing her bountiful breasts over him at the altar, he opens his mouth to accept the offering, and she masturbates her erect teat to release the milk in spurts, washing his face and filling his mouth with the fertile sacrament.

The mal is anointed with this blessed female elixir and returns to his place on the floor beneath the Fem where he kisses her feet in the ultimate gesture of respect, submission, service and worship.

“Afem,” is the refrain from all.