The Creamery

The buzzer sounded and the swing doors swung open. In marched a line of six starched-uniformed women each pushing a steel trolley. The heels of their court shoes tapped out their stride upon the rubberised floor of The Creamery. A row of three metal-framed cots lined each side of the sparse white room. This cot-bed was constructed of a head rail, a foot rail and side rails, and white plastic bedding. There was a curtain screen of transparent clear plastic between each cot to create a cubicle. A drip-stand stood at the head and a clipboard clamped at the foot of each cot. Mounted on the wall at each cot was a shiny white board on which was written a number from 1 to 6 and the title ‘Day 5’. The cot cubicles were identical but for the number on the whiteboard. A set of six large light bulbs hung from the high ceiling with the bulbs positioned to the layout of the cubicles to cast a dim light over each of the cots.

The background drone of muffled voice filled the ward and this emanated from the occupants of the cots. These occupants were male. Each man was lying near naked on a white plastic sheet with his limbs fixed by institutional restraint straps to a body-length plastic mat secured to the centre of the cot mattress. The only movement from the cots was the twitching of the bodies against the unforgiving restraints as fluid was pumped into and out of their orifices. All cot inmates were naked but for a white disposal nappy and transparent plastic popper pants swaddling the groin and bottom and transparent plastic restraint mittens on the hands and bootees on the feet. A rubber dummy feeding gag was strapped into the mouth of each man and a feeding tube ran from the end of the dummy to a plastic bag of milky fluid hanging from the drip stand. Alongside the milk bag was a bag of yellow fluid from which ran a tube down into the front of the plastic pants and nappy to a catheter penetrating the penis. Alongside the urine bag was a bag of brown fluid from which ran a tube down the back of the plastic pants and nappy to a hollow and vibrating anal pump penetrating the anus. The eyes of the body were blindfolded with a thick crepe bandage and the ears were plugged with cotton wool.

The world of the cot occupants was dark and silent and controlled and made meaningful by the routine of the filling and draining of their holes. The bodies lay in suspended animation awaiting each aspect of the daily routine of the ward – the nappy changes, the fluid exchanges, the genital creamings – that had been established from their first day at The Creamery. The inmates were in a good physical state in the controlled conditions of the ward where they were kept safely restrained, clean and warm, fed and watered, drained of waste fluid, and in an enforced convalescence. This intensive care would regress the bodies from adult to infant in seven days so that the once strong and active adult body would be treated to induce a weak and helpless infant body in just a week. The prognosis for the inmates of The Creamery was of an infant state of physical and mental incapacity and double incontinence, and an adult baby state of high creamy yield.

The women wore a nursing uniform of identical blue linen tunic with a wide elastic white belt and silver buckle, thick black stockings and black patent leather high heel shoes. Printed in white on the tunic just above the ample bosom was ‘The Creamery’. Each woman in turn broke from the line at an allocated cot and set her trolley at the bare wall. Each trolley was then opened to reveal its two separate compartments of portable supplies – medical and baby items. The contents of one compartment consisted of boxes of medical wipes, drain bags, catheters, anal pumps, latex sheaths and empty waste fluid bags. The contents of the other compartment consisted of a stack of disposable nappies, plastic pants, baby wipes, nappy cream, baby oil, talcum powder, and plastic feed bags of milk formula. The presence of the nurse and her activity about the cot created a stir within the occupant – the guzzling of the milk and the thickening of the penis – though he could not see or hear her, he could sense that his nurse had arrived to tend to him. The communication between the nurse and the man was through the touch or probe of her latex gloved hand at his mouth or inside the nappy at his penis or anus. The nurse first checked that the restraints and tubes were firmly in place and then she made a note on the clipboard papers of the contents of the drip stand bags. The papers were entitled ‘Milk Intake’, ‘Urine Output’, ‘Faeces Output’ and ‘Semen Collection’. At the drip stand she replaced the empty milk bag and stoppered and detached the full urine and faeces bags and placed these samples in a plastic tray in the trolley.