Infantilised Adult Male.jpg

This adult male is set for his infantilised fate as I prepare to nappy his genitals and reduce his manhood to nothing more than a wetting teat. This fundamental act will regress him to the nappied state of a baby and with each nappy change he will become smaller and more vulnerable in this infant condition. As he is fastened into the nappy, he is also fixed into his place in the contained world of the nursery for the belittled adult male.

He is naked and rubber dummy gagged, restrained at his wrists and ankles with white leather cuffs and straps, spread-eagled and tethered to the giant size cot rails, lying on a white plastic sheet and a rubber change mat. He struggles against the restraints and the disposable nappy at his bare bottom yet his cock is aroused from the fearful excitement of his captive predicament. I hoist his legs high over his head and clip a white leather strap to each of the ankle cuffs and shackle his legs to a tethering ring in the wall at the cot headboard.

I massage nappy cream over his stiff cock and swollen balls and reddened bottom cheeks then sprinkle talcum powder over his entire nappy area. The nappy is fastened on tightly to him and immediately he feels the soft padding caressing his genitals and his leaking cock rubs itself up and down as his bottom gyrates in the nappy. I position a thick fluffy terry towelling nappy underneath him and over the bulging disposable nappy I pin this in place with two large metal pins.

I finish him off with a big pair of transparent plastic pants, with an integral chain and padlock at his waist, holding him securely in the nappies. He is waddled in the nappies as his thighs are wedged apart by the bulk of the nappies and the crinkly plastic pants rustle with every movement. Standing over him, looking down at his state of bondage, I am satisfied that he is well and truly nappied for all to see and hear.

The infantilised male is now confined in the nappy cell.