Female Genitalia

“And open and close and open and close…”

The clipped voice echoed through the building and carried out of the open window and in to the high street below.

A polished brass sign at the entrance door was engraved Oral Training Academy and in smaller letters below, by strict appointment only.

There was an intercom and buzzer access.

A lady wearing a raincoat, headscarf and sunglasses stopped at the intercom. She pushed the buzzer and a female voice answered, “Hello, Oral Training Academy. May I help you?”

“Hello,” the lady said. “I, um…” she hesitated then whispered up close to the intercom, “code word lisp.”

The buzzer sounded and the door opened.

The lady entered.

Up the flight of old stone stairs she followed the voice that she had heard from the street.

“Mouth open. Tongue out,” she commanded. “Now, lick!”

The lady stopped at the bottom of the stairs for a moment to straighten her stockings. She parted her mackintosh and lifted the hem of her dress to her thigh. There she adjusted each stocking top in turn, clipping and unclipping the suspenders of the corselette, and pulling and stretching the fine nylon up and over her smooth legs.

“Mouth closed. Pucker lips,” she commanded. Now, suck!”

The lady opened her handbag and retrieved a compact mirror. She removed her headscarf, smoothed down her brunette bob and checked her make-up. She finished with a lip gloss coating of her red lips.

The voice continued, “Open. Out. Lick. Pucker. Suck. Open…” in the manner of a drill sergeant, on and on, like a recording set on replay.

At the top of the stairs there was a waiting room with a couple of leather armchairs and a coffee table with a pile of The Lady and Woman’s Weekly magazines.

The glass partition of the reception enclave slid open and the receptionist smiled and said, “Ms Hinton, please take a seat. The lesson will end shortly.”

The lady smiled in return and sat down. She took a brochure from her handbag and flicked through the glossy pages. The clock above reception showed 5 minutes to 5 o’clock.

The telephone rang and the receptionist slid the glass door closed.

“Hello, The Oral Academy,” the receptionist announced. “Ah, Mrs Payne, good afternoon. Yes, the rubber dildo gag arrived today,” she confirmed. “I see from the records that this is the third in a matter of months. Your sissy is wearing these out faster than we can produce them!” she laughed. “Sissy could suck for England! You must be delighted,” she added. “Indeed, money well spent!”

At either side of the reception was a swing door. To the left was the Oral Clinic and to the right was the Oral Classroom. The lady walked over to the door on the left and peered through the glass viewing pane.

She surveyed the contents of the room. A white vinyl examination table and hospital blue modesty screen on castors formed a compact clinic. A large oak and glass medical display cabinet holding implements of nursing and dentistry was illuminated like a museum piece. On a stainless steel rack sat a collection of rubber teats and inflatable rubber gags graduating in size from miniscule to ginormous. In a corner stood a silicone life size naked female body and next to it sat a half torso of the naked female body waist to thighs. A chart entitled The Oraface® and a series of detailed illustrated diagrams of the lips, mouth, tongue, teeth and throat lined the walls.
The lady stepped away and headed toward the second door. There she found the familiar face of her sissybaby, Babs, dressed in an ivory lace dress set and bonnet, sitting in a highchair facing the lady tutor and hastily scribbling in her copybook.

The tutor was wearing a navy blue pinstripe skirt suit with a starched white blouse and a spectacle chain nestling at her bosom.

On the blackboard was chalked a checklist: Open. Out. Lick. Close. Pucker. Suck.

On the wall was a chart of illustrated female sexual parts entitled ‘The Vulva’.

The tutor was pointing to the chart with a rattan cane.

“The mons pubis,” the tutor stated.

“The mons pubis,” Babs repeated.

“The labia – majora and minora,” the tutor stated.

“The labia – majora and minora,” Babs repeated.

“The glans clitoris and the clitoral hood,” the tutor stated.

“The glans clitoris and the clitoral hood,” Babs repeated.

“The vagina,” the tutor stated.

“The vagina,” Babs repeated.

This was her Bab’s first day at The Oral Academy. The lady at the door nodded in satisfaction at the scene before her. She looked down to the brochure she held in her hand, entitled ‘The Oral Academy for The Sissy Sex Toy’, and smiled. The lady returned to her seat as the lesson came to an end for the day.

“The anus,” the tutor stated.

“The anus,” Babs repeated.