Bette Davis The Nanny

As standards continue to fall in the formerly great Britain, the demand for control, for discipline, for punishment, for a return to traditional standards and the public humiliation of miscreants, has been heard and met by The Nanny State.

The Nanny State is a socio-political organisation of women who hold a no-nonsense approach to responsible citizenship. Its purpose is two-fold: a think tank for social policy and an outreach service for community support.

It is the Outreach Service that identifies miscreants and administers punishment and humiliation to those whose standard of behaviour is considered unacceptable by The Nanny State. The Outreach Service consists of teams of Nanny Wardens on patrol up and down the country, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

An example of the work of the Nanny Warden Outreach Service is detailed below.

Case Study No. 113: Gang of Yobs, Sinkton Estate, Manchester, 2013

The Nanny Wardens received numerous reports of anti-social behaviour by a gang of yobs on a council housing estate in Manchester. This activity was centred outside a convenience shop and off-licence in the late evening at which the gang congregated to consume cheap alcohol and illegal drugs. Local residents were victims of verbal and physical intimidation and acts of violence by this gang of yobs, and the location was considered a no-go area after dark for many of these vulnerable and fearful residents.

The Nanny Wardens visited the site on six occasions over a two week period and carried out covert surveillance from the Outreach Service mobile home parked on the drive of a nearby house, the resident of which was said to be a virtual prisoner in their own home; terrified to step out of their front door at night.

On each occasion, the same group of yobs was observed to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and their anti-social behaviour involved numerous public order offences such as abusive and threatening language, common assault, urinating in public, petty vandalism and littering.

The specific crimes committed by the yobs during the three days of surveillance included the following: a young female was victim to indecent exposure and sexual assault, a gay male couple was subject to homophobic abuse and injured by lobbed cans and bottles, an elderly female had her purse stolen from her shopping bag, and the shop premises was vandalised by racist graffiti of the words ‘paki cunt’ spray painted across the entrance door.

The Nanny Wardens decided to take immediate and direct action at the end of the third night of surveillance.

At 2245 hours, Nanny Warden 13579 executed the role of ‘attractive young blonde female purchasing alcohol from shop’. As expected, on her entrance to and exit from the shop, she was subject to verbal and physical sexual harassment and intimidation from the group of yobs. Of particular note were the comments: “Just look at the fucking tits on that!”, “Suck this, Bitch!” and “You take it up the arse, don’t you?”. As planned, Nanny Warden 13579 feigned distress and ran away, leaving behind the transparent plastic bag containing the two doctored bottles of cheap vodka. As expected, the yobs took the bait and quickly consumed the free booze.

At 2300 hours, the shop closed for the night  and the sedative effect of the doctored alcohol was apparent by 2315 hours. Each member of the gang of yobs was slurring their words and struggling to stand, and there was sign of incontinence in puddles on the forecourt.

At midnight, the outreach vehicle containing the team of three nanny wardens dressed in the mackintosh uniform parked up alongside the now comatose gang of yobs and dragged the bodies into the rear of the vehicle.

Within the fully equipped confines, the nanny wardens set to work through the night…

The next morning, at 0700 hours, the shop opened for business. Outside, a crowd had gathered but no-one entered the premises. Instead, residents stared at the window display. A sandwich board on the forecourt declared:-





The gang of yobs was now an orgy of dolls: their faces garishly made-up in blue eye shadow, red blusher and pink lipstick and their naked bodies dressed in white chiffon baby-doll nighties skimming satin crotchless panties and stripper heels. These human puppets were fixed in position at strange angles by ropes and shackles. Standing centre stage, one had a dildo inserted into his anus and mouth and his cock was inserted into the anus of another who was on his knees sucking the cock of another standing who had a dildo filling his mouth and anus. On either side of the trio, a pair was prostrate in the sixty-nine position sucking on cock with a dildo stretching each anus.

Each panty-clad bottom bore thirty-six bloody and weeping stripes as administered by the dragon cane as wielded by the firm hand of Nanny Warden 13579.

The powerful gang of yobs had been reduced to powerless sex dolls, humiliated in public in a shameful display, and totally dependent on the mercy of the community to call the police to release them. The release did not occur until twenty-four hours later and in that time people flocked from far and wide to see this grotesque window display and countless photographs were taken of the Sinkton Sex Dolls and shared on social media worldwide.

The vicious Staffordshire Bull Terrier confiscated from the gang was re-homed with a retired nanny warden who rehabilitated it and trained it with love and patience, to fetch her balls of wool and to share its basket with abandoned kittens.