I am Madam Press, Proprietress of The Dollhouse.

The failed financial adviser is mine, in more ways than one. His name is Pascal. At least, that was his name. Since he decimated my financial portfolio and my early retirement plan, he now answers to the name of Pansy.

As a financial adviser, Pascal proved to be ineffectual. A weak and impotent failure of a man. The perfect qualities for a sissy-baby, indeed. And as Pansy, he will reimburse all he has lost of my assets, every last penny, and with interest. I shall see to that.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I extend a warm welcome to The Pansy Show. An adult nursery soap opera of regression, punishment and humiliation, for your viewing pleasure.

Do tune in each week to watch as Pascal the Pansy pays off his debt to me in pee, poo, and tears. Lashings of it!


Episode 1: ‘Scolding’


Episode 2: ‘Spanked’


Episode 3: ‘Cotfined’


Episode 4: ‘Nappied’


Episode 5: ‘Bagged’


Episode 6: ‘First Golden Feed’


Episode 7: ‘Another Golden Feed & Sissy Baby Dress Tease’


Episode 8: ‘Withholding Poops’


Episode 9: ‘Punishment Pap’


Episode 10: ‘Poo-Poo Pressure’


Episode 11: ‘A Scolding for Withholding’


Episode 12: ‘Poo-Poo Nappy’


Episode 13: ‘Nappy Diaper Changed, Pantied & Punished’


Episode 14: ‘Pink Pantied & Manhood Drained’


Episode 15: ‘Reprogramming’


Trailers to view at Proprietress Press. Full shows streamed for subscribers at Only Fans and pay per view downloads at Clips4Sale.