It’s never easy to end a relationship, especially at Christmas. I’m so sorry things haven’t worked out for us romantically, but I’m sure we can move on from this, and remain friends. We have to work together, after all, and I’m still your boss!

We simply wanted different things from the relationship, that’s all, and the age difference was too much, really. Whereas I’m at the time of my life when I want to settle down and start a family, you’re still out to play the field and have a good time. And so, when I found out about the sexting, I wasn’t all that surprised, if I’m honest.

I wasn’t exactly happy towards the end, either. I was beginning to feel more like your mother than your girlfriend! Though the sex was always good, I won’t deny that! Anyway, some good memories, and no hard feelings, eh? With a new year comes a fresh start.

Obviously, I’ll be seeing you at the firm’s NYE Party. And what a laugh that will be! Just the thought of you in that adult baby costume… Though I’ve still not decided whether I’m going as Catwoman or Mary Poppins. So, you’ll have to wait to see if it’s the cougar or the cradle-snatcher on the night!

Knowing how you like to party, one drink might well lead to a bender. But with a promotion on the cards for you in the new year, you can’t afford to go crazy, John. And so, as your friend and your boss, I’ll look out for you. If need be, I’ll even drive you home and put you to bed early. All for your own good, of course!

Best wishes

Kate x


Catwoman fancy dress Adult baby fancy dress   Mary Poppins fancy dress


To be continued…