The DollhouseThe Dollhouse is a seemingly unremarkable building, located on an unremarkable street, on the outskirts of an unremarkable northern mill town. But what lies within this particular guesthouse is a most peculiar world, which Proprietress Press has created in order to satisfy the desire to take the man under her strict control, put him firmly in his place, and well and truly drain and pacify him; and all of this, for Madam’s pleasure and amusement.

The Dollhouse is so named as the male guest is transformed into a plaything for the amusement of the proprietress, Madam Press. Enticed by alluring images and peculiar tales, he is then confined and corrected at The Dollhouse. In Madam’s hands, the man is pressed into a more pleasing condition, mentally and physically. He is restrained and pacified, controlled and corrected, disciplined & punished, nappied and frillied, preened and petted, and teased and tormented; as she pleases. Such a vulnerable and helpless plaything he becomes: a human toy, a puppet, a doll, indeed.

Madam Press also has an interest in heritage properties, and through the sufferance of the male visitor, The Dollhouse is the third such property renovation, following The Practice and The Reformatory.

The Dollhouse is a private premises, open on a limited basis only, according to the whim of its proprietress, Madam Press, and her lady playmates, on occasion.






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