The Pansy Show

I am Madam Press, Proprietress of The Dollhouse. The failed financial adviser is mine, in more ways than one. His name is Pascal. At least, that was his name. Since he decimated my financial portfolio and my early retirement plan, he now answers to the name of Pansy.

As a financial adviser, Pascal proved to be ineffectual. A weak and impotent failure of a man. The perfect qualities for a sissy-baby, indeed. And as Pansy, he will reimburse all he has lost of my assets, every last penny, and with interest. I shall see to that.And so, ladies and gentlemen, I extend a warm welcome to The Pansy Show. An adult nursery soap opera of regression, punishment and humiliation, for your viewing pleasure.Do tune in each week to watch as Pascal the Pansy pays off his debt to me in pee, poo, and tears. Lashings of it all!


Trailers to view here at Proprietress Press. Full shows streamed for subscribers at Only Fans and pay per view downloads at Clips4Sale.


The Failed Financial Adviser in The Pansy Show ~ Series 1: Episodes 1-15 ~ Film Peeks

Episode 1: ‘Scolding’


Episode 2: ‘Spanked’


Episode 3: ‘Cotfined’


Episode 4: ‘Nappied’


Episode 5: ‘Bagged’


Episode 6: ‘First Golden Feed’


Episode 7: ‘Another Golden Feed & Sissy Baby Dress Tease’


Episode 8: ‘Withholding Poops’


Episode 9: ‘Punishment Pap’


Episode 10: ‘Poo-Poo Pressure’


Episode 11: ‘A Scolding for Withholding’


Episode 12: ‘Poo-Poo Nappy’


Episode 13: ‘Nappy Diaper Changed, Pantied & Punished’


Episode 14: ‘Pink Pantied & Manhood Drained’


Episode 15: ‘Reprogramming’



The Failed Financial Adviser in The Pansy Show ~ Series 2 ~ Film Peeks

Episode 1: ‘Manipulation on the Doorstep’



Episode 2: ‘Preparing for Corporal Punishment’



Episode 3: ‘The Dreaded Corporal Punishment’



Episode 4: ‘Pathetic Pansy Prepared for Another Set of Nappies’



Episode 5: ‘Enema & Nappies’



Episode 6: ‘Enema Expulsion’



Episode 7: ‘Dreaded Golden Bottle’



Episode 8: ‘Punishment Din-dins Menu’



Episode 9: ‘Golden on the Brain’



Episode 10: ‘Enema Pat Nappy Diaper’



Episode 11: ‘Never-ending Nursery Nightmare’


Trailers to view at Proprietress Press. Full shows streamed for subscribers at Only Fans and pay per view downloads at Clips4Sale.

8 thoughts on “The Pansy Show

  1. Gertrude said:

    Bouncing in poo poo filled nappies is unimaginably humiliating.
    This can be a form of entertainment for on lookers.
    The same goes for humping nappies in front of pretty ladies.
    Then squeezing the thick bulky nappy where no doubt a squirty has taken place.
    Madam knows why the likes of Pansy and myself require this treatment.
    We should not forget it.

  2. proprietresspress said:

    Samuel Rowbottom said:
    Withholding is such a familiar problem for Mothers, Nannies, Aunties, Grannies, Sisters, Cousins and Babysitters. They all share their knowledge and commiserate with one another about the woes of male toilet training. Merit badges and treats are totally ineffectual. Some ladies prefer the oral medicines – Syrup of Figs, Castor Oil, Prunes and soiled feminine panties. Other ladies prefer the anal route – enemas and suppositories. Then there are punishment butt plugs, as these anal methods have the added shame and discomfort of violation in the area that the reluctant male clenches so disobediently. The anus is the fear zone of the male and in my own experience the best of all laxatives is fear. Fear of feminism, fear of female intelligence, fear of female power, fear of the female body. A scolding will churn the bowels but an exposed breast has the potential to cause a brat to start crowning. Two breasts and the withholding will be excruciating. A revealed fanny and the nappy is guaranteed to be filled amid crybaby tears of regret. Oh why did silly baby withhold for ten days? That was a BIG mistake. Fear is the key and unlike the traditional laxatives there is no easing of the passage. Tightly fastened nappies are a bonus with their own uncomfortable benefits in the aftermath. This is the best method to deal with withholding and reinforces the inferiority of the male gender. It’s a painful lesson that needs to be learned.

  3. proprietresspress said:

    Samuel Rowbottom said:
    How embarrassing, how utterly mortifying, how supremely humiliating to have that little drained squirt captured for all the world to see. Do Madams’ female subscribers get a good laugh out of such a display? Surely they do. Splat! One dollop and all done. No wonder he’s a failure and a complete pansy if that’s the measure of him. And poo-poo nappies too. Bounce in it pansy, that’s the only soft warm embrace your tiny teat deserves.

  4. proprietresspress said:

    Gertrude said:
    Pansy we are so similar, while watching your reprogramming I know what you are going through.
    Madam Press has achieved her goal and there is no turning back.
    I dribble a lot especially when I get excited in my nappies.
    You surely must bring hours of entertainment to Madam Press.
    When Madam Press sets out her intentions, you can be sure they will be met every which way.

  5. proprietresspress said:

    Gertrude said:
    Well done Pansy you have finally made Madam Press happy.
    You are using your nappy as intended.
    I know how humiliating this is as I go through this ritual day in and day out.
    Ultimately Madam Press knows what’s best for you and for the rest of us that follow her.
    May be if you are lucky Madam Press will allow you to relieve yourself in your nappies.
    For me this is my only relief so making friends with my nappies has been paramount whether I like them or not.

  6. proprietresspress said:

    Gertrude said:
    Pansy I wonder how you feel when you hear Madam Press’ voice?
    When I hear her I feel completely taken over.
    Almost hypnotic if you like.
    Madam Press is a force to be reckoned with and you should not have risked everything.
    Now you are paying the consequences for all your misdemeanours.
    Use your nappies for what they were intended for as I do.
    Wee wee, poo poo and squirties.
    I think of your dilemma often and fantasise that it’s me in punishment pants.
    Madam Press what a hold you have over those that you “touch.”

  7. proprietresspress said:

    Gertrude said:
    Pansy you really are feeling the full force of Madam Press.
    You must be regretting your behaviour now?
    I am following your humiliating journey and I must say get rather excited too.
    We are both using our nappies for their intended use and for reasons that Madam Press knows I have to use mine for relief too.
    Madam Press is a force to be reckoned with.

  8. proprietresspress said:

    Gertrude said:
    Poor Pansy this is what happens when you disobey and let Madam Press down.
    I feel your anguish but the need to be repremanded out weighs anything else.
    Madam Press knows what is required to keep you in order..
    By now you should know your place and accept the consequences.
    I speak for myself too.

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